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The packages that Sydesign provide for construction are often called shop drawings or tender drawings by tradesmen and are often used by builders to provide a comprehensive quote on your project.

Therefore, these drawings require a lot more detail than design concept drawings as they are to specifically itemise all non-standard items and outline method of construction. A more detailed set of construction drawings account for a more accurate quote and less unwanted financial surprises during construction.

Sydesign provide construction, tender or contract packages for both Construction Certificate documentation and Interior Design documentation.

The construction drawing package often requires full co-ordination of other consultant's details which we generally liaise with on a regular basis to come up with a suitable solution for your project.

Sydesign is able to provide you with just enough information for you to build your house or they can provide you with the extra information necessary for high quality interiors and efficient and accurate use of joinery space. Whatever your needs we customise our construction package to meet your expectations of the final built product.