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A property survey is a drawing or map of a site showing its boundaries and other physical features. Survey reports also show the relative location of a house, shed, other building and fences on the property, and it usually includes the position of any public or municipal easements. Property surveys are done for a number of reasons, for example they may be required by local authorities such as council, or by the building designer prior to the commencement of any design work. Residential property surveys can be very simple or highly complex, and this is important to ensure you are aware of the requirements for your situation.

Sydesign generally require a site survey that:

Generally most of our clients require a detailed survey (see the above points) before any design work can commence.

Detailed surveys also referred to as cadastral land surveys are commonly used to re-establish boundaries when they are in dispute. This type of survey involves precise measuring and marking of your property, using prior markers if they can be found. Old land records may be examined to determine the location of original boundaries. These were usually marked with metal spikes or stakes in the ground, and may be difficult to locate after years of weather.

This type of survey is more expensive and must be done by a professional licensed surveyor in the state where the property is located.

Sydesign are able to assist in obtaining a quote and appointing a Surveyor on your behalf as part of our typical customer service.