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This site in Haberfield presented a complex challenge to the design consultants at Sydesign due to the mixed use, irregular shape and narrowness of the site. This was countered by careful planning and the introduction of elements in order to bring light throughout the three storey development. A narrow light well extends the full height of the development, drawing diffuse reflected light into the building. The glass lift has also been utilised as an element to bring light into the building.

Not only have all the junctions between the lift and the walls been carefully detailed in order to make a seamless connection between the building fabric and an element of vertical circulation, but the lift overrun has also been designed to be glass, allowing it to serve as a skylight.

The materials and detailing have been meticulously chosen. Materials such as off-form concrete and timber have been combined in order to create a tectonic that speaks of both weight and lightness. Architectural cues such as timber balustrades, which draw one up timber stairs to hardwood floors. A sense of anticipation and careful thought has been given to every detail in this building.

The team at Sydesign worked on this project at every stage, from concept design to completion.