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From the start our design team were told that getting an approval for this Hunters Hill site was near impossible. With a drop of almost 14m over the length of the site and strict height controls enforced by council it was clear that the house would need to follow the slope of the ground whilst minimising any disturbance to the natural terrain of this site.

This challenging site was heavily vegetated and filled with an abundance of opportunity which excited and inspired our design team. The building footprint had to carefully be mapped around the retention of some major trees and sudden falls in the ground terrain. Hence, Sydesign had to carefully plan the building layout which ended up unifying the house with nature via tree filled courtyards and outdoor recreation spaces.

This natural retreat soon transformed into a home full of paths which lead to magnificent views. The opportunities for design expression were seized at every pass and with a combination of practicality and innovation, comfortable living space were achieved nestled amongst the natural bushland.

The home holds four bedrooms as wells as a spacious family room on its upper floor whilst containing all the conveniences of modern day living on the lower/ground levels where the opportunity for a courtyard outlook from the kitchen has also been achieved.

Everything about this house gives the impression of a family home which will be cherished for years to come. The natural charm of the landscape and the building coexist in perfect harmony inspiring a type of peaceful and fulfilled lifestyle that can only be created from a closer connection between man and nature.