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This modern home is situated within the Blue Mountains Council precinct. Due to the locality of the property in a natural bushland setting, close collaboration between the client, structural engineer, hydraulic engineer, bushfire consultant and the Sydesign team was a mandatory prerequisite.

This three bedroom home aims to provide a warm environment for its occupants, which is achieved through the clever panning and choice of material selections. The house is integrated well within its natural context through the use of sandstone, timber and glass. The timber and sandstone features of the design complement the surrounding natural bushland, whilst the use of glazing provides a smooth transition from the interior to exterior, blurring the distinction between this threshold.

This elegant home displays the passionate attention to detail through careful planning and material selection, conveying a high sense of sophistication which is complemented by its contextual conservative landscape. These key areas of the design process enable the building to become unified with its surrounding natural elements, creating a seamless transition between the natural and built environments.