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This modernised family home is situated within the Canterbury Council precinct and demonstrates an efficient use of space which is accentuated through materiality and inclusion Feng Shui within the planning process. This was a project that required style, skill and talent throughout the whole design process to collaborate a cohesive scheme between planning, materials and function.

The use of sliding glass panels enable the living spaces of this home to open up out onto the surrounding outdoor decking. The seamless transition between internal and external spaces blurs the threshold between the two environments. The close proximity of the pool surround complements the use of glazing around the living areas, enhancing this sense of continuous flow from inside to outside.

The use of copious amounts of glazing and steel is juxtaposed against the outdoor timber decking, which creates a sense of warmth both internally and externally. The outdoor timber flooring is also complemented by the use of internal timber panelling throughout the kitchen joinery, creating an uninterrupted and unified flow from inside to outside. The contrast in materials and flow of water provide a sense of modernism with a warm unique spatial experience to be enjoyed by its occupants.